•  Payroll Management

“Punctuality and reliability have absolute priority in Payroll Accounting, also, and above all, when it comes to staffing bottlenecks!”
Payroll Accounting means much more than punctually paid salaries – especially in the complex structures of international companies, where I most enjoy working: Successful payroll accounting in this area requires broad experience in operational business, accurate and target-oriented working habits, comprehensive knowledge of the current legislation, intercultural competence as well as liability, clarity and a strong ability to realize ideas.

As an experienced Payroll Manager I offer you interim or long-term takeover or controlling of your payroll processes, directly on your company’s premises or externally, the basis for this endeavor being mutual trust. Because of that, apart from in-depth expertise, openness, collaboration, and good communication are basic principles of my working habits.

Fields of Application:

  • efficient and rapid support to bridge vacancies – e.g. due to employee changes, skills shortage or stand-ins for parental leaves
  • complete and reliable takeover of payroll accounting externally
  • quick and direct assignment as a competent, pragmatic and high-performance team leader with personnel responsibility in the payroll area.