•  Payroll Consulting

„Payroll Accounting must be precise. For this purpose, coordinated and optimized processes are required as well as good data quality“

Companies that want to keep up with the market-frontrunners in the future need to constantly challenge change, be open to innovations and make well-grounded decisions. The same also applies to the Payroll area. Being an interface between Human Resources and Finance, wage and salary accounting is of great significance in a company.

As a Payroll Specialist I support you and your internationally operating company in all payroll accounting matters with broad knowhow, enjoying complex topics, a refreshing spirit of innovation and the ability to simplify the complicated and make it more efficient.

Fields of Application:

  • Sustainable improvement and modernization of payroll processes by challenging current structures and procedures as well as the interfaces to Human Resources and Finance
  • Consolidation and optimization of your payroll department after acquisitions, mergers or expansions
  • Internalization of payroll functions (takeover of external service providers)
  • Payroll and secondment
  • Payroll in Austria – regulations and requirements
Client Testimonials

Adel Orosz – former Payroll Specialist at Lilium GmbH, Munich