How i work

Be it in the Payroll Consulting, Payroll Management or Payroll Training areas – I aim to always offer new approaches, implement optimal processes and in doing so, to establish long-term legally compliant, sustainable solutions and improvements in the entire company.

Please find here a selection of former projects and contributions:


  • 2019-2020: Lilium GmbH - Wessling near Munich

    August 2019 – January 2020: Lilium GmbH – Wessling near Munich

  • 2018: RHI Magnesita - Oviedo/Spain

    March 2019: Jochen Schweizer mydays Group – Munich
    HR Process Consulting

  • 2018-2019: Pharma Company medium-sized Munich

    October 2018: RHI Magnesita Oviedo/Spain
    Sector: Refractoring
    , approx. 14.000 employees worldwide, international
    Role: Trainer
    3 days Training foundations payroll Germany for a shared service team in Spain with an introduction in SAP HCM/German payroll, Training language: German, English, Spanish

  • 2018: Klüber Lubrication - Munich

    September 2018 – January 2019: company medium-sized,
    industry: P
    harma, ca. 90 employees, international, indian owner
    Role: Interim Payroll Manager (sole position)
    vacancy bridging, operative payroll with the  P & I LOGA, LOGA3 System
    Creating monthly payroll incl. personell administration

  • 2018: Bulthaup GmbH & Co. KG - Landshut

    April, July, August 2018: International manufacturer, group,  industrial sector: Lubricants, Munich
    Role: Consultant
    Analysis of payroll processes and creating a back-up concept

  • 2018: Klüber Lubrication - Munich

    International manufacturer of kitchens (high end segment) – medium sized company, Vilsbiburg/Landshut, Germany
    Role: Consultant and Trainer – SAP HCM
    Training on the Job:
    Imparting basic German Payroll knowledge using the SAP HCM accounting system for new employee in Payroll who has never worked with SAP HCM
    Process Management Consulting:
    Analysis of Processes in HR/Payroll: Is Payroll working effectively? What can be improved? Could the Payroll System SAP used morge effectively?

  • 2017-2018: Manufacturer Automotive - Munich

    International manufacturer, group,  industrial sector: Lubricants, Munich
    Role: Trainer
    Inhouse-Training – 4 days
    Imparting basic German Payroll knowledge using the PAISY accounting system for a former intern who has been offered a job in Payroll Accounting

  • 2016-2017: International Group Banking/IT - Munich

    Manufacturer, Group, automotive supplier, Munich
    Company locations in Munich, Duisburg und Remscheid
    IG Metall Tariff Bavaria, Indian Owner
    Industrial Sector: Manufacturer operating in 3 shifts, automotive supplier
    Interim-Management/vacancy bridging
    Team Lead (2 employees), payroll accounting in SAP HCM as well as SAP Org-Management, special case assessment (payroll accounting, contract generation collaboration with the Works Council, Employee selection in the payroll area – initial interviews and assessment tests, Requirement creation of new salary types during customizing
    Since October 17: Consulting Contract
    Preparation and monitoring of the pension insurance audit in January 2018

    Data provision by means of evaluations (labor type reporter, query) in SAP HCM for 2013 – 2016
    Checking the current accounting period in terms of correct income tax and social security regulations as well as their technical implementation in SAP HCM (in particular  improvement grants, benefits in kind, which are paid out by means of Edenred)
    Assessment of corporate events, document provision, taxation
    Verification as well as derivation of process alterations
    Creation of a practical guide, intern assessment, working students
    Indian intern, social security and income tax regulation assessment
    Supporting the year-end tasks 2017 n terms of accounting (evaluation of annual earning limits), training/Support of new employees in payroll accounting


  • 2015-2016: Medium sized Company e-commerce industry - Munich

    Project: Interim Payroll Specialist (sole position)
    Collective Wage Agreement of the Metal Industry for Bavaria, employees with and without collective agreement/workers council, several business transfers

    Contact Person Payroll for employees in Munich and Frankfurt
    Interface Payroll to external payroll provider Solvenius (Germany) as well as Deloitte (shadow payroll/expats India) as well as to Deloitte Graz (payroll for Austrian employees, limited tax liability)

    Payroll Germany:
    Overtime Administration: forwarding overtime applications to the Workers Council, approval check and creation of monthly employee lists for Solvenius
    Administration monthly on-call duty for a particular employee group, Creation of a list to be forwarded to Solvenius
    Preparation of salary letters for performance assessment according to wage brackets (Collective Wage Agreement of the Metal Industry for Bavaria), initial assessment, re-grouping, re-classification, calculation of percentaged proficiency pay
    Creation of different confirmations
    Creation of letters regarding the reduction/increase of working time, new salary calculation, adaption as well as calculation of the participation in the business success of the company
    Calculation of bonus payments for 2016 for consultants on the basis of reported project hours
    Onboarding of a new CEO from India with local contract, clarification of payroll topics (wage tax class, Taxpayer Identification No., double budgeting, social insurance, repayment of pension contributions within 5 years etc.)
    Clarification direct insurance topics with different insurance agencies in Germany/Austria (insurance declaration/cancellation, insurance payments upon termination of insurance)
    Clarification of different legal matters – payment of remaining vacation days in case of death of an employee, vacation compensation, employees with long-term sickness Taxation of benefits in kind (employee vouchers) according to §37b German Income Tax Act (EStG)
    Creation of a check list for monthly salary administration
    Check of monthly salary administration/coordination with external payroll service provider incl. approval

    Wage Tax Audit 2016 – Deriving Measures:
    Taxation of telephone costs for employees working in home office (classification private/business), Clarification handling of retrospective taxation 2016 as well as process changes for 2017 (provision by the employer, unlimited use, exempt from income tax)

    Payroll Subsidiary in Poland:
    Clarification first case of employees with limited tax liability from Poland, taxation, DBA/economic employer
    Data collection: daily schedule, distribution of gross salaries, exchange rates, settlement date, Financial Accounting, calculation non-cash benefits catering expenses Germany/Poland, Certificate of Coverage (A1) preparation, preparation certificate application for employees with limited tax liability, creation of a guideline for the process and handling of limited tax liability in German and Polish accounting
    Clarification of legal situation regarding minimum wage in Austria, payment of wage differences for employees from Poland for working days in Austria.

    Change of Provider:
    Supervising and controlling a payroll provider change from Payroll Austria Deloitte/Graz to Ekspert/Graz

  • 2015-2016: VF Corporation

    Project: Interim Payroll Manager (sole responsible) with DATEV LODAS

    Self-dependent monthly payroll accounting for approx. 400 employees of two legally independent limited liability companies (GmbH) using DATEV LODAS
    Monthly calculation of commission payments
    Monthly calculation of the non-assessed income tax in remunerations in kind regarding food to be paid to the tax office
    Calculation of Christmas bonuses
    Marginally and temporary employees, working students, interns (evaluating the obligation to contribute to social insurance, recording of monthly hours performed)
    Recording of monthly changes (bonuses, salary increases, address changes, health insurance changes etc.)
    Contact person for health insurance companies, tax offices, employment offices
    Clarification of open questions relating to pay slips, predominantly in English (90% of staff from different countries, 50 nations)
    Onboarding of the new permanent employee since February 2016

    Special Topics:
    First-time issuing of anniversary coupons/ non-monetary benefits (clarification of fiscal and social security payment possibilities, § 37b EStG (German Income Tax Law), calculation of non-assessed income tax, employer responsible for social security – implementation in DATEV LODAS)
    Creation of an application for working on Sundays at the Industry Control Office, manual calculation of overtime/benefits, Evaluation of amounts exempt from social security and income tax
    Initial calculation of monetary benefits in case of employee discounts according to § 8 sect. 3 EStG (German Income Tax Law) for both limited liability companies (GmbHs), Taking into account valuation haircuts as well as tax exemption limits, wage type creation for taxation in DATEV LODAS, Clarification information in the payroll account

    Employees with limited tax liability (Great Britain):
    Clarification of fiscal and social security treatment of international buyers (German employer, residence relocation, limited tax liability, creation of a travel calendar template for income splits, income splits according to the travel calendar, Clarification of social security responsibility), Clarification of using the Basic Pay Tool HMS Customs GB, Estimation UK income tax, UK-social security, deduction, creation of provisions employer amount social security
    Management and clarification of the payroll transition process for employees with limited tax liability to PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Clarification of subsequent tax payments with PwC in the UK, retroactive accounting/corrections of employees 01/2015 – 01/2016, which have been incorrectly fiscally evaluated, overpayments/subsequent payments, forwarding to PwC for payout/holdback
    Clarification health insurance registration cancellation/refunds, social insurance contributions employer/employee

    Annual financial statement tasks: e.g. reporting to trade organizations, reporting of handicapped employees, Evaluation of average annual salary over/undershooters, etc.
    Payroll accounting: Creation of evaluations and account reconciliation with Financial Accounting

  • Corporate Group - Fashion Wholesale - Munich/Switzerland

    Project: Interim Payroll Specialist (sole responsible for Payroll Austria)

    Realization of payroll Austria in collaboration with a Vienna tax consultant agency
    Supporting the Austrian store managers (retail)
    Supporting of HR specialists/HR generalists in terms of health insurance classification, topics concerning industrial law e.g. payment when working on public holidays, parental leave, labor inspectorate topics, vacation, sickness, overtime, benefits
    Handling of employee benefits in Austria, GPLA (income tax and social security audits),
    Conditions regarding collective agreements, marginal part-timers, company pension schemes (group insurance)
    Creation of a process manual for Payroll Austria
    Conducting the workshop “Basics Payroll Austria” for HR employees
    Clarification and enhancement of processes in the payroll area/support Austria (time sheet registration, vacation expense report)
    Clarification of accident insurance topics (AUVA)
    Creation of manual monthly booking lists for the Financial Accounting department in Belgium for salary posting (communication in English)
    Since February/March 2016: Onboarding of the permanently employed payroll specialist
    Annual financial statement tasks 2015/2016:
    Accruals for unused vacation, anniversary gratification, severance pay OLD, occupational collective insurance
    Monitoring annual collective agreement increases/biennial increment increases– payroll implementation

  • 2015: Robert Half Deutschland GmbH (Personnel Recruitment) - Frankfurt/Main

    Interim-Team lead of the internal payroll team of 3 employees

    Restructuring of the internal payroll team, Establishing an internal payroll mail box as well as a style guide for handling the mail box.
    Interface for clarification of internal processes with HR and Finance e.g. responsibilities in case of occupational accidents, taxation of company events, travel expenses (additional catering costs), taxation of gifts for customers and employees, taxation of company cars, etc.
    Communication with RHI in England regarding the implementation of bonus in payroll accounting
    Operative counseling Payroll Austria/Switzerland in cooperation with external payroll accounting services in Austria and Switzerland, as well as clarification of the processes hereto, in particular vacation and sickness notifications
    technical support in case of special topics regarding social insurance and payroll tax, e.g. taxation of redemption value of a direct insurance in case of termination by the employee, taxation of company cars if the leasing rate is taken over by the employer, as well as the corresponding handling in the team
    Supporting the external payroll team (temporary employment) in LOGA topics/special payroll topics, e.g. A1 certification (employee secondment)
    Operative collaboration in the payroll area

  • 2014: Güntner Group refrigeration and air conditioning technology - Munich

    Payroll LOGA P & I Consulting

    Administration of the payroll system for facilities abroad (e .g. in Austria), employee creation, system configuration, e.g. automatic calculation of vacation days
    Collaboration with various payroll offices abroad (e. g. in Spain)
    Clarification of questions regarding payroll tax and social insurance (ElStaM, payroll, tax liability non-cash benefits, company cars, mini jobs, sliding scale, child sickness – derogation)
    individual payroll accounting training payroll for an employee using the LOGA P&I system (payroll and salary accounting basics) as well as the usage of LOGA

  • 2013: Allianz Global Assistance - Munich

    Interim-Management Payroll, LOGA P & I

    Taking over the operative payroll management (entering the data into the system payroll tax registration, contributions to social security, salary transactions) for 3 different, legally independent companies with different focuses on payroll accounting (different collective labor agreements, works council agreements, shift allowances, company cars)
    Special topics: subsequent payment resulting from a 10-year Employment Tribunal trial, flat tax calculation of company events, non-cash benefits in kind, death of an employee – clarification payoff, last salary, certificate of inheritance, release of provision etc.)
    Contact to the tax authorities, e.g. taxation of interests resulting from the Employee Tribunal trial, clarification of the category of income regarding the payroll handling
    Employee and colleague assistance regarding payroll tax and social insurance topics
    Team leading
    Interface to the accounting department (recognition and release of provisions, accounting lists, clearance of outstanding amounts)
    Analysis of the accounting process and suggestions for improvement