A Learning journey!
A learning journey – how payroll learning works!

30. March 2024   Sabine Katzmair  

What a journey! Jana is leaving her current company today and starting a new one. We have been working together for over 1 year now. Last year, in March 2023, I took over the external project management for the change of the payroll outsourcing service provider in her current company. She was still a trainee then, but was already working hard and very professionally in data delivery and was present in the international project meetings with her very good English.

From September 2023, after completing her training, she was offered the opportunity to take over the interface as HR Specialist to the new payroll service provider. I was then able to accompany her on the job as a payroll learning coach and train her with payroll knowledge in half-day units. Until today.

Jana was incredibly motivated right up to the last day, asked a lot of questions and meticulously checked the new service provider! She wanted to leave everything correctly. She didn’t shy away from new topics, even if it was sometimes far too much, she got help – either from me or externally.

The statement ‘I learned a lot from you’ and ‘I couldn’t have done it without you and the others! – made me very happy!


  • young people who are learning payroll accounting need long-term support
  • to stay with a company, young people need to feel supported
  • Payroll outsourcing still needs well-trained in-house payroll specialists
  • Learning payroll theory in ‘chunks’ with the link to daily practice brings success!

Thank you very much, Jana. For me you are ‘The best Young Payroller 2024’! I really enjoyed it and good luck for your new job!





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